Resources for download

Category 1 (Constitution)

The Constitution of Kenya (2010)

Category 2 (International Treaties, Agreements and Protocols)

The African Convention on the conservation of nature and natural resources (Revised Edition) 2003
The Convention On Biological Diversity
The Langkawi Declaration On The Environment

Category 3 (Laws)

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority Act, 2013 The Crop Act, 2013
The Seed & Plant Variety Act, 2012
The Biosafety Act, 2009
The Water Act, 2016
The Land Laws Ammendment Act, 2016
The Environmental Management and co-ordination Ammendment Act, 2015
The Anti-Counterfeit Act, 2008 (Revised Edition, 2014)
The Food Security Bill, 2014

Bio-safety Regulations

The Biosafety (Environmental Release) Regulations, 2011
The Biosafety (Import, Export and Transit) Regulations, 2011
The Biosafety (Contained use)regulations 2011

The Environmental (Impact Assessment and Audit) Regulations, 2003.

Waste Management Regulations 2006
Wetlands regulations
Air quality regulations 2014
Biodiversity benefit sharing regulations
Controlled substance regulations 1
EMC (Deposit Bonds) Regulations 2014
EMCA (Waste Tyre Management) Regulations August 2013
Final Chemicals Regulation June 2013 Kenya SOE

Water Regulations

Environmental Management And Co-Ordination (Water Quality) Regulations, 2006 (Legal Notice No. 121)

Bio-diversity Regulations

The Environmental Management And Co-Ordination (Conservation Of Biological Diversity And Resources, And Access To Genetic Resources And Benefits Sharing) Regulations, 2006.