Farmers using ash and sand to tame army worms spread

Posted on 21st Sep 2017 05:14:43

A section of farmers in Nakuru have resorted to traditional methods of dealing with army worms, a deadly pest that has invaded large swathes of land, causing devastation to farmers. John Sialo, who owns a five-acre land in Rongai, told The Standard that he uses ash and sand to control breeding and finally kill the worms. According to Mr Sialo, the method has helped control invasion in his farm and in his children's farms.

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Time to stand up for farmers rights.

Posted on 7th Sep 2017 05:11:58

As we listen to their election campaign promises, it should not be lost on us that though our leaders keep talking about our welfare, they seem to be getting briefs from other vested interests instead of we, the people who actually employ them.

To drive this point home, I wish to refer my fellow Kenyans to several agricultural laws that were enacted by the outgoing MPs, who are now all over the place seeking our votes.

These laws that are not only against our sovereignty, but also mean total enslavement of our farmers.

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Miracle Seeds or Seeds of shame?

Posted on 27th Feb 2017 02:55:26

The onus of food insecurity has generally been on increasing production of certain crops varieties such as maize, wheat and potatoes. The diversity within these varieties has been lost as research turns towards more uniform and stable seeds. This approach to food insecurity is a perfect breeding ground to corporate controlled agriculture, Monocultures, farming of commodities and the NPK mentality.

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